måndag, oktober 25, 2010

New York, day 6.

Sista dagen i N.Y. Dom jobbade på där nere./ The last day in N.Y. The view from the room.
Äntligen lite moln på himlen men inte tillräckligt för att ge någon slags svalka./Finally some clouds, but not enough to make it a bit cooler outside.
Trött i väntan på taxin. Det blev en snabb tur på stan, köpte bla. skor. Det var en väldigt underlig upplevelse då tjejen i dörren skrek "I love Lucy" och sen ropade dit resten av personalen så att dom skulle kolla på mig.

Deadtired at the hotel waiting for a cab. Before that we went on a quick shoppingtrip around town. Bought a pair of shoes, it was a bit weird. The girl at the door screamed "I love Lucy" and then told the rest of the staff to come and look at me.

3 kommentarer:

BaronessVonVintage sa...

Wow, it looks like you had great weather while you were there! What a dramatic reaction to your vintage style, eh?

Temperamental Broad sa...

Can you tell me if the dress you are wearing here is vintage or repro? If its repro where did you get it? I love it!! Thanks!!

Betty Lou sa...

Baroness: The weather was too hot for me, it was like a sauna outside... Yes, but most of the people who commented was nice :D

Temperamental Broad: It's sadly a vintage one. Homemade. Love it too :D


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