onsdag, december 08, 2010

X-mas wish-list.

Enligt Minnenas Journal var det en bra julklapp till mormor haha.
A book about old familyphotos.
One word: AWESOME! And if you didn't know, i collect Harry Potter lego. Still haven't got them all. Loooove H.P!
Need this!

- Harry Potter to Nintendo DS:
-The Half Blood Prince
-Deathly Hallows
-Lego episode 1-4

-Presentkort på Adlibris
- Presentkort på discshop
-vintage clothes etc. You know what i like :D
Detta paraply./This umbrella.

5 kommentarer:

Jan sa...

Harry Potter Lego?!?!?! Is it wrong that I REALLY want some even though I'm well past the age where playing with Lego is acceptable? :)

frameless glass doors sa...

My son wants to receive dumbbells like gift )
(7 years old)

Isabelle sa...

Morfar var uppvuxen i Lainio utanför Kiruna och pratade meänkieli. Inget min mamma fick lära sig så jag kan inte ett ord, tyvärr :)

Isabelle sa...

Såg nu att det ligger mellan Kiruna och Pajala :)

Jim sa...

this can be you : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0VlIjXj9NA


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