onsdag, januari 11, 2012

More phonepics. Because i don't have my camera with me. September i think.
Got these beautiful flowers from Åsa.
I'm a true nerd.
Love my subway-station.
Therese, a.k.a Billie Black & Åsa. The best of gals!
Dinner at Åsa's place.
Posing at a changingroom at H&M. I love love that jacket. It's part of an skii-suit. Bought on eBay, thanks to Jill!
My roomies sewingmachine. Love the color.
Beautiful Miriam.

3 kommentarer:

LandGirl1980 sa...

Love these posts! You all look stunning!

Anonym sa...

Love the sewing machine!

Rakel sa...

Elsket den grønne jakka di og buksene! :D


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