tisdag, februari 28, 2012


Hello lil' friends, if anyone is still left out there. The move went great. This is a little of what i've been up to since last.
My room, it's now full of things everywhere...
Miriam being awesome at Nordiska Museet.
Oh yes.
My lil' friend and my precious green glass.
My legs always looks like this, even more so after the move. And one drunken night...
I walk around at home in my PJs most of the time. Here i am trying out my new shoes.
Valentine's day gift from Miriam. I'm one lucky gal ;)
Beautiful Jessica.
And the also very beutiful Linnéa.

11 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Beautiful photos! So so cute! Even your dirty dishes look cute! LOL.

garofit sa...

Nice shoes!

Tasha sa...

Just lovely photos!

Carrå Åsgård sa...

Trevlig uppdatering!:D uppskattas mycket, fina bilder :)

Anonym sa...

Puss sockertopp!

Madeleine sa...

Mer inlägg!!!! :)

Mrs. Diva Akira sa...

Flotte sko! ;)
Og bildet av deg var så fint :)

Kitten sa...

Vilka fina bilder, mera sånt! :)

Miss Margarita sa...

Lovely pictures :) ..by the way, your knees look like you've been playing roller derby!

Betty Lou sa...

Trixie: haha! well we try our very best

Garofit: i know, i'm so pleased to have found a pair of black ones that fit!

Tasha: thanks. all from my instagram. that's where i mostly hangout nowadays :D

Carrå: trevligt att höra

Jessica: puss på dig med gullis!

Madeleine: kommer så småningom

mrs. diva: tack :D

Kitten: det kommer nog. Jag instagrammar mest nuförtiden, bilderna är därifrån :D

Miss Margarita: haha jag är bara allmänt klumpig. Dan efter fick jag ett ännu större, på insidan av knät haha

Jessfart sa...

Å, jag älskar din blogg! Så fina bilder som både gör en glad och inspirerar :)


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