tisdag, juni 05, 2012

Boom again.

 Miriam asked me to smile, so i smiled.

Bought a blouse, one of my favourites. I remember i was having a horrible migraine that day, and the days to come.
On my way out. 

 A walk & lunch with a great friend one day.
 And then som fika with more friends at Pärlans.
 The beautiful Anna & handsome Christopher.

 Resting my legs. 
The one and only Miriam Parkman. 
 We looked at naked men one day. Lovely indeed.

Instagram-pics from late february & march i think. 

6 kommentarer:

Hannah sa...

Love that blouse, and I adore the way you manage to look so elegant wearing a scarf round your head like that, I would look like a granny! xx

Betty Lou sa...

thanks! it's very comfortable. i use it all winter and then a thinner one in the spring. no, go ahead and wrap yourself up!

Kelly-Marie sa...

I love you on Istagram, always such beautiful pictures, including the ones of yourself. :)

Mrs. Diva Akira sa...

Nydelig bluse :)

ikarolineshuvud.blogg.se sa...

åh vad fina bilder och du ser strålande ut!!!

Kristina sa...

Vad du är extra vacker på den sista fina bilden!


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