fredag, september 10, 2010

New York, day 3, part 1.

Åt frukost och åkte sedan till American Museum of Natural History. Stort och massor att se! Gick omkring i timmar./Ate breakfast and then took a taxi to the Museum of Natural History. Big and lots of things too see. We were there for hours.
Mannen i mitten liknar Sir Patrick Stewart väldigt mycket./The man in the middle look very much like Sir Patrick Stewart!
Jag och en stor grej från rymden. Häftigt!/Me and a big thing from space! Cool!
Jag gömmer mig bakom månen./I'm hiding behind the moon.
Bakgrunderna i alla fönstrerna är alla målade av en man jag glömt namnet på. Men otroligt vackra och realistiska./All the dioramas are painted by a man that i've forgotten the name of. But they're so beautiful and very realistic.
Dom var väldigt stora./They were big.
Kände mig liten./I felt small.
Uppstoppade fåglar med stängda ögon./Dead birds with their eyes closed.
Kände mig liten igen./And then i felt small again.
Och sen pytteliten./And even smaller.
Utanför, jag, en ren och en älg./Outside, me and a reindeer and and elk.

5 kommentarer:

superheidi sa...

Hooray for the elk! Looks like you had a nice trip.

I'd like to pass on A Beautiful Blogger Award to you for your lovely blog.

Pink Lady sa...

wow, beautiful pictures! I love new york! Did you had a great time there?
I guess you had, because the pictures look great!!!!

BaronessVonVintage sa...

awesome (yet creepy those sea gulls with their eyes closed!)

Betty Lou sa...

superheidi: :D

Pink Lady: yes it was great, but too hot! i saw one cloud during my visit.

Baroness: There were a lot creepier things there, big big insects and underwater thingies and butterflies :(

Come again secondhand sa...

Vad fina fåglarana med stängda ögon var. De ser väldigt nöjda ut. Nästan som som om de kisade mot solen.



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