tisdag, januari 18, 2011

Yes or no.

Heyday-Shona is having a quick competition right now. Head over and check it out. I'm guessing no!

If i would win i would use the £25 voucher to buy a pair of green slacks. Well, even if i don't win i'll buy me a pair anyway.

3 kommentarer:

Olivia sa...

Jädrans tur du har! Grattis, fasiken att man svarade fel på den. Men kul för dig! :) Blir det de där gröna slacksen nu då??

/ Olivia

Tasha sa...

I came over here from the Heyday blog. Congrats on winning! Love your blog, your photos are wonderful. Do get the green ones-- I have a pair of their darker green and they are wonderful. :)

Betty Lou sa...

Olivia: Yes, dom mörkgröna! Sjukt, jag vinner aldrig!

Tasha: Oh thank you! I've had my eye on them for a while now :D


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