söndag, januari 16, 2011

March 2010.

Fika på Valand med Miriam./With Miram at Valand.
Fick fina "grattis till jobbet"-blommor av fina vänner./Got beautiful "congrats to the new work"-flowers from my friends.
Favvo baskern och favvo jackan./My favourite beret & jacket.
Tittade på Slottssprinten och hejade på Charlotte (så klart!)./Watched the Royal Palace sprint & cheered on Charlotte Kalla of course.
Åkte hem och bara tog det lugnt, hängde med syskon & syskonbarnen./Went home to Pajala. Hanged out with my family.
Lånade en åkmadrass av syskonbarnen och åkte järnet i brantaste backen i Pajala. Hej hjärnskakning typ./Went downhill with my sister.

4 kommentarer:

Brook sa...

Oh my! I love your hair and you are so beautiful!!! Great pictures as well!!! I need to practice on my photography skills. I have a nice camera and everything.

Betty Lou sa...

Brook: Thank you! Haha, i use auto for most of the time, or just without flash.

Anonym sa...

I love your sweater. It is so hard to find this shade of green!!! I love it!!!!

Betty Lou sa...

lantichristo: i know! i've been searching for ages until i found this. only £20! vintage green usually is expensive as hell!


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