tisdag, februari 08, 2011

August 2010.

God mat & paj med Miriam./Yummy food and pie with Miriam.
En het och solig dag i Västerås iklädd en av sommarens favoritklänningar./One sunny hot day wearing one of my favourite dress.
I slutet av augusti bar det av till New York!/In the end of august i went to New York!
American Museum Of Natural History.
Det var plågsamt varmt ute. Jag började dagen med Resorb. Här i Williamsburg./It was horrible hot outside. I started my day with rehydration tablets. Here i am walking around in Williamsburg.
Big big bagle.
Hello lady!
Nerd love!
On the street.
En barndomsdröm gick i uppfyllelse, Flat Iron!/A childhood dream came true, i finally saw the Flat Iron building!

5 kommentarer:

Brook sa...

love the picture of you looking at the american flag. Your hair looks divine! Also love your outfit with the jumper and the large plaid shirt! So cute! Love your pictures.

VildesVerden sa...

Great pictures. Love New York!

Betty Lou sa...

Brook: Thank you! Love that outfit too. The skirt goes with everything!

VildesVerden: Thanks

Sarah Munks sa...

Haha and ofcourse in Williamsburg you have to go to Beacons closet :)
That store is amazing.

Betty Lou sa...

Sarah: Yes it was! I didn't find so much there actually, but fun to visit


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