söndag, augusti 26, 2012

Instagram-may 2012.

 Loved my new sweater.

 And Näckrosen, how i love thee.

My lovely friend Sarah, a.k.a Retroella.
 Me and Therese had one of those nights.
Saw a nice looking gentleman. 

 1st of may. I was horrible hungover.
 And then i got fever and lived in my bed for a week.

 Sjöhistoriska museet in Stockholm.
I got married for one night only, it was a vintage wedding-thing at Beyond Retro. Fun times indeed. Haven't felt that pretty ever! 
 Before i saw The Hunger Games, fantastic!
 Sarah boought the most amazing pair of jeans. Bonanza!

 I bought those shoes and that sign. Haven't worn the shoes yet. 
 Cake at work.
 Books i didn't buy.

 Yes please.

8 kommentarer:

Miss Maple sa...

I love the wedding photo. What's the story behind it?

superheidi sa...

Hey pretty gal, your new shoes are sublime! Just g-o-r-g-e-o-s, I'm jealous, full stop. :-)

Porcelina sa...

Love the sweater! Where's it from?

Miss P xx


FrockFreak sa...

My face just turned very, very, VERY dark green! Envy your shoes!

Lady Jardin - Vintage Views of the South Coast sa...

I love your new jumper and shoes, so pretty :) and your hair looks gorgeous, the colour is so vivd, beautiful!


Jessica Cangiano sa...

I adore all of these images (and soooo wish I had an iPhone and was on Instagram so I could follow you), but my very favourite has to be the one of you as a vintage bride. There aren't words enough to describe how incredibly pretty you look.

♥ Jessica

MrJeffery sa...

whoa those blue, red & white shoes are awesome.

monica sa...

hi! have you stopped blogging?? :(


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