fredag, september 04, 2009

Some old pics.

För några veckor sen. Har klippt håret några cm sen dess, mycket lättare att borsta kan jag säga./A few weeks ago. I have cut my hair a few cm since then, so much easier to brush the hair!
And as usually i used sponge rollers.

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Anonym sa...

You're hair is so lovely! I've been trying to get similar hair do for ages, and after reading your blog tried sponge rollers. They worked great on creating even curls. BUT, no way does my hair look like yours when brushing out the curls!! It's just gets all big and 'bouffy', horrible! I realised that I needed to roll the sponge rollers only up to my chin level, which worked better, but it's still not right when brushed out. My hair is similar in length and texture to yours (I think anyway, from looking at your pics) and so I was wondering if you could give any tips on brushing. What comb/brush do you use? HOW do you actually brush them out?
Sorry to bother you with these questions, but I've been admiring your lovely hair for ages!

Betty Lou sa...

Little Miss Plump: Thank you! oh no bother at all! i have very thick & straight hair that don't hold curls so well but now i've found the perfect combo (wella settinglotion+tresemme antifrizz mousse & antifrizz conditioner).

i roll them up to about ear-lenght. and then when i take them out i brush like a maniac. I get big big hair at first too but i just keep brushing, i think i brush for about 15 minutes. and then spray, and then mabye brush some more.

i use a round brush, and brush inwards, and i also roll the rollers inwards. I hope i've helped you a little :D It have taken me some years of practise and i've tried a lot of different metods but sponge rollers works the best. In the beginning i was afraid to brush out the curls :D

Anonym sa...

Thank you so much! I've been trying different things, such as pin curls, but when I read that you prefer sponge rollers I thought I'd give it a try and they were great! I did brush for what seemed like ages, but not 15 minutes... (I was in a rush for work!) I will try your suggestions. One quesiton though: what kind of brush do you use? Does it have lots of bristles or just a few? I use a round one with few bristles, I wonder if that's part of the problem...

Betty Lou sa...

Little Miss Plump: i used to do pin curls, and then bendy rollers and now sponge rollers. it goes in periods what i prefer... Think i will do some pin curls soon. It's a round brush with lots of bristles, i just bought the cheapest round brush i could found :D

Anonym sa...

Aha, so it might be that I'm using the wrong brush! I'll get a better one and try again.

Thank you so much for answering my questions!

Little Miss Plump

Miriam Parkman sa...

Otroligt fint hörrdu!
Du är söt som pärlsocker på mittenbilden måste jag säga.
Imponerande vågor!

Betty Lou sa...

Miriam: tack fina du! sponge rollers är så bra.


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