lördag, november 06, 2010

Home sweet home part 3.

Jag köpte ett stativ och försökte ta hopp-bilder, svårt att tajma rätt./I bought a tripod and tried to take some jumping-pics, hard to jump at the right moment...

5 kommentarer:

Pink Lady sa...

those pictures are soooo beautiful! i love photographs were you can play wiht the sun a little!

and i also love your new blog layout and header!!!

have a nice weekend!! xoxo ♥

emma sa...

Kram emma sundh

Betty Lou sa...

Pink Lady: Thank you! Hope your weekend was great, mine sure was :D

Emma: Tack snygging!

Erika sa...

Underbara höstbilder!

Betty Lou sa...

Erika: Tack. Synd bara att löven hade hunnit trilla av, är en färgexplosion!


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