tisdag, november 09, 2010

Home sweet home part 3.

I skymningen./At dusk.

Jag gillar att fota när man åker bil, speciellt på kvällskvisten. God natt./I like taking photos while in the car, especially during nightfall. Good night.

5 kommentarer:

Jan sa...

Brilliant pics. They remind me how fresh the air is this time of year. You can almost taste how crisp and cold it is just before nightfall. Love your blog! :)

Pink Lady sa...

yes that´s so much fun! i also love to make photos in the car!!

have a nice day! xoxo ♥

Kitten sa...

Åh, vackert!

Betty Lou sa...

Jan: Thanks! Love it too. It sure was cold, and it started to rain a bit.

Pink Lady: I love the way the trees get :D

Kitten: mmm, har konstant hemlängtan.

Gina Americana sa...

I always think it's so beautiful how the trees look like black silhouette against the dusk sky.


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