lördag, april 24, 2010

I onsdags efter jobbet for jag och hälsade på sjuklingen Miriam./Last wednesday after work i went to visit Miriam.
Köpte med mig bakelser från konditorit i Älvsjö./Picked up some pastries.
Miriam tog lite fler bilder, om ni vill se trött-efter-jobbet-jag. Här hittar ni dom./Miriam tooks some more photos, if you want to see dead-tired-after-work-me. Here are the photos.

2 kommentarer:

BaronessVonVintage sa...

oh, those look like amazing desserts!! hehe, didn't mean to step on your blogger toes with the Atonement post! I *do* also think we think alike and have similar tastes quite often! ;)

Betty Lou sa...

Baroness: haha no worries, it's funny that we both were thinking about Atonement at the same time :D I love her green dress!


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