onsdag, juli 16, 2008

June at home.

Arrived at home midsumer's day, there was Pringles and alcohol.
Spend the evening on a festival with my friends.
A "bit" hungover the day after so we restored our balance of fat.
Where i'm from the topping is on the bottom.
Found a new candy abroad and a new favourite drink, Grandi. Look at that handsome man!
Our sauna is over 100 years old.
My aunt does the yummiest halvmånar/half-moon cakes. Don't know the english word for it.
Fatty needs the exercise.

This is some of the things i've been doing besides working and visiting fleamarkets.

2 kommentarer:

anna sa...

did you go to Finland? I'm confused :)

Betty Lou sa...

yes i did! it only take 20 minutes or so. fazer has the best chocolate and alko has the chepapest alcohol.


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