lördag, september 20, 2008

These 3.

Got tagged by the lovely Casey

What are the last three things you purchased?
2 pair of Pace-jeans on Tradera, a vintage photoalbum also Tradera, milk

What are the last three songs you downloaded?
Some songs by Kitty Daisy & Lewis, i loooove them! And some Dolly Parton

What are the last three places you visited?
Helsinki last week, Enköping a few weeks ago, and then i'm off to London next week :D

What are your three favorite movies?
I have so many! Goonies, On the town, The Notebook, lots of sci-fi etc.

What are your three favorite possessions.
My computer, my vintage clothes, my books (and my greataunts old photoalbums)

What three things can you not live without?
My computer, milk, eBay :D

What would be your three wishes?
Win at the lottery ;D A job, and a nice wardrobe. That means vintage shoes in my size!!!

What three things haven’t you done yet?
Traveled. I've been to Budapest once and London 2 times (soon 3), but i want to go to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, see more of the world.

What are your three favorite dishes?
Red quinoa with salmon with feta cheese, almost anything my mother does with reindeer-meat, tacos!

Which three celebrities would you most like to hang out with?
Zachary Quinto because he's so hot, Anine Bing (she seems so nice) and if i could travel in time Gene Kelly so that he could teach me how to dance

Name three things that freak you out?
Water, really curly hair (i don't know why), climate changes

Name three unusual things you are good at.
Actually nothing :(

Which three things are you coveting?
Only 3? ;D Almost anything from Re-mixed vintage shoes, lots of clothes from Sivletto especially Pace, a skirt with suspenders from ReVamp, and that cute sailor outfit also ReVamp.

Name three bloggers you are tagging.
Miss Wink

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Elina sa...

Ooh, skoj! Skall göras :)

Miriam Parkman sa...

Okej imorgon!


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