lördag, juli 18, 2009

I want you!

I still dream of this swimsuit. I'm hoping that it will be on sale soon because the price is still a bit to high for me. Come on! $90 for a swimsuit! And the add the shippingcost to Sweden, $30. And then the customfee... :(

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lisa sa...

wuhu i love these.
90$ are realy heavy :/ i know this problem too. it's so expensive to buy something in the USA and the shipping to germany is almost 30$.

one question: from which shop is this swimsuit? is so lovely :)

thank you!


laurakitty sa...

What a cute swimsuit! It's definitely expensive but it is such a great style that you would be able to wear it for years.

Lady Thirty sa...

så snygg!!!

Betty Lou sa...

Lisa: and plus the customfee! mabye $40-$50 :( i haven't found it from any site in europe just from the us and modcloth, if you click on the word "this" you'll get the link.

laurakitty: i know, but if it get stuck in customs it would be expensive, $80 for the suit +$30 shipping and the customs mabye +$40-$50....

Lady Thirty: jag vet! har bara hittat den i usa, vill ju slippa tullen.

Rebecca sa...

Den var helt fantastisk!

Betty Lou sa...

Rebecca: jag vet! så är den även galet dyr :(


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