torsdag, juli 16, 2009

I ♥ bags.

Om jag hade en hög med pengar så skulle jag beställa dessa 3 väskor från Asos på momangen!/If i had a pile of cash i would order these 3 bags from Asos right this moment!
Hobo International1930 SEK/£140/$239Hobo International 1240 SEK/£90/$154Diesel Black Gold 2700 SEK/£195/$333 I'm in loooove witht this bag! Mabye the most perfect black bag i've ever seen!

5 kommentarer:

Maria ♥ sa...

The Diesel one is TO DIE FOR. *_*

Kirsty sa...

I also LOVE bags! Its one of my weaknesses! :S I found a really nice black 1950s bag in an antiques store last Sunday and since then I keep looking at it :)

The black bag at the end of your post is soooo pretty and unique!

Love Kirsty .x.

Betty Lou sa...

Maria: i know! saw a couple of months ago and then forgot all about it, and then i found it again today. damn it's so expensive!

Kirsty: lucky you! i'm always looking for the perfect bag, but i really don't know if it real :D

Miriam Parkman sa...

Whoa, den sista är ju helt magnifik!! Den skulle jag verkligen vilja ha...

Betty Lou sa...

Miriam: mmm, vill ha den så mycket så jag ångrar att jag hittade den haha. är ju ganska dyr :(


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