söndag, juli 26, 2009

Fletcher Henderson & pie.

Vad jag gör om dagarna? Lyssnar på fantastiskt bra jazz. Fletcher Henderson är nya favoriten. Så äter jag paj, eller det är massa bär med lite deg. När paj är som bäst kanske./What i do all day long? Listening to some fantastic jazz. Fletcher Henderson is my new favourite. And then i eat a lot of pie, we like it best when it's mostly berries, as you can see.


5 kommentarer:

Cherry Cupcake sa...

Paj är underbart!
Har du testat Fransk Royalepaj?

LandGirlontheHomeFront sa...

Mmmm my favourite!

Betty Lou sa...

Cherry: nej inte det. låter gott!

Landgirl: the pie or fletcher ;D ?

The Glamorous Housewife sa...

That pie looks delish! I love berry pies more then anything. Well, actually, I love rhubarb pies more then anything. Then again, there is always apple pies. Oh yes, and pumpkin pies. I guess I just love ALL pies! Lol!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Betty Lou sa...

The Glamourous Housewife: oh, i haven't tried rhubarb pie, just fresh rhubarb and rhubarb syrup.
do you have the lovely retro pie-book? by linda everett if i remember right.


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