fredag, maj 30, 2008


One old favourite (Max Factor masterpiece max mascara) and one new (Max Factor lipstick, intensely red 820)

It's so hot outside, i can't think. So i'm re-watching every episode of Smallville. Right now; season 2 episode 3 "Duplicity"

tisdag, maj 27, 2008


Got this today, bought it on eBay last week. I have wanted it for years. The seller shipped it on thursday and i got it today. Superfast shipping! Gonna make one pie when i get the time. I have to study for an exam i have in 2 weeks, bookkeeping. It's so confusing and boring.

tisdag, maj 20, 2008

I love eBay.

Got this little kit last week, i'm most excited about the Solo hair roller. I haven't tried it yet but mabye tomorrow. I'm selling the red one and the orange on Tradera, mabye the with and the blue later. I'm gonna think it over. I really just wanted the hair rollers.

lördag, maj 17, 2008


Some of my vintage photoframes. Bad pic i know, they are a bit too high up in the bookshelf and i'm short :( My brother and his son in the green frame, my greataunt Alma in the next and the one behind, the small one is of my aunt that died a long time ago and the big one is my aunts dad. The big red one is my greataunts husband Arthur, can show a closer pic on that one because it's really cool.

I want them now!

Oh yes, got my jumpsuit on thursday. It's fits ok, some slighter adjustments may have to be made. It was much darker than on pictures but that's just nice. Now i'm waiting on these beauties above! From the 30's, they look like a dream. I hope they fit like a dream too because they cost me 80$ (53$ without the shippingcost). The dollar may be low but i still want to buy things as cheap as i can (around 20-40$).


I love collecting things, things i collect at the moment are: vintage hair-things like curlers, clamp etc, Shangri-Las records (vinyl only), postcards, vintage recipebooks (love cookies), vintage photoalbums, vintage photoframes, and Harry Potter-LEGO.

These are my vintage photoalbums so far. They are all unused. The red one with the eagle, my mother has the same but in blue that she got for christmaspresent sometime in the late 50's, i have forgotten the year. The red one at the bottom is my postcard-album, i collect postcards with motivs from my hometown. It's getting pretty full and i have to find another one but i'm thinking about framing all of the postcards and put up on the wall. But that's a future project...
In the last photoalbum i have put in some of my greataunt Almas (my dads mothers sisters) old photos from the 30's and 40's mostly. Some from the 50's and 60's and mabye one from the 20's. She was born 1910 and died last summer, my paternal grandma died long before i was born and i never knew her so my greataunt was the closest thing i had for a paternal grandma. I miss my aunt, she was so funny and had a better memory than me. She was like my best friend here in Sthlm, since all my friends live far far away...

tisdag, maj 13, 2008


Got Earl yesterday, love it. Now i just want my playsuit. I'm waiting for an eBay-auction to end, white shoes from the 30's in my size!!! It's not often that i find vintage shoes in my size.Mabye i should bake some cupcakes today, it's been weeks since last. Mabye some chocolate chip cookies too. Yummi!

söndag, maj 11, 2008


I'm waiting for these to arrive. Blue playsuit from the 50's and a t-shirt with Earl on.
I do indeed love Earl.


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