fredag, juni 29, 2012

Oslo day 3.

Breakfast and then we walked our way to the Munch museum. 
My favourite. 

Good night.

fredag, juni 22, 2012

Oslo day 2.

Guten morgen Oslo.
View from the apartment.
Went downhills.

There's only beautiful houses on this street.

Jonathans school.
My feet.


Sushi for dinner.

söndag, juni 17, 2012

Oslo in october, day 1.

 After my visit in Pajala i went to work for 2 days and the vacation time again! Arrived in Oslo in the morning. A dear friend of mine had recently moved there.
 Lovely sign.

 Cemetery nearby where my friends lived.
 That's how i was feeling at the time.

 Covered windows.

 What can i say other than Oslo is beautiful city.

 Waved to the castle.

Nighty night Oslo.

 Last day at home.

 My uncle took a walk.

 Bye bye.

On the way to the airport :(


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