tisdag, augusti 23, 2011

måndag, augusti 22, 2011

Mer tröstshopping./More feeling-sorry-for-myself-shopping.

fredag, augusti 19, 2011

Just bought this bag above from ASOS. Been wanting a model like this for ages! My present to myself for getting through all the sleepless nights and feeling like crap for weeks. I say, thank you! And i can't wait for it to arrive! Hello autumn!
Hi, i'm alive. I'm not really in the mood for blogging for other reasons than those to come. I broke up with my boyfriend some time ago (i feel good about it!), moved in with the best of friends, trying to find furniture, not so fun to have everything i own in boxes (and frak i have a lot of stuff!), i'm selling lots of clothes at Etsy and Tradera so check it out! I've lost a lot of weight recently so all my clothes are too big so expect more to come.

I have TONS of pics from the summer to show you. Until then, go to Miriam because she has lots of pics of me there. Or follow me at Instagram, i'm meandwilson.

måndag, augusti 08, 2011

På pricken...

"jag ska dansa för att hjärtat blöder
ska dansa för att hjärtat blöder
om ett år eller två kommer det här att gå över
om ett år eller två är det aldrig över..."

More on Etsy.

New items added! HERE!

Excuse me while i break my own heart tonight

"Is this some kind of joke to you?"

måndag, augusti 01, 2011


Rensar för fullt, lägger upp lite då och då. Så passa på! Allt och lite till hittas HÄR!/I'm adding new items all the time so check out my Etsy-store.


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