söndag, mars 25, 2012

3 oktober 2011.


For till Kupan, fick galet många komplimanger av tanterna där. Dom satt runt om mig och sa att jag var snygg och såg ut som Rita Hayworth. Man bah: kiitos!!!/Went to the Red Cross thriftstore. Got tons of complimangs from the ladies working there. The said i look like Rita Hayworth. "You look like a movie-star, you're so beautiful". I was all like: thaaanks! And blushing. The old ladies love me.
Begav mig hit, ängen framför alla. Syns även här, här och här. Gick loss som en tok med kameran, som vanligt./And then i went here, and took a lot of photos! More to come!

tisdag, mars 20, 2012

I say jump.
Beautiful Tärendö.

Wihoo! Then there's only about 40 more pics from my visit home last autumn. And then there's the Oslo-trip...

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onsdag, mars 14, 2012

Old coat that my grandpas brother gave to my grandma as a present when he was visiting from Usa in the early 40s. A bit too big for me, but lovely!

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onsdag, mars 07, 2012

Autumn, i miss you.

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Boom again.

More instagram-pics, i haven't used my real camera for months. But i will do some post with my pics from last autumn. Yes i'm very behind!
I was giving migraine a face.
Always happy after at visit to Vete-Katten.
Semlor med mandelmassa i tyvärr. Jag hatar mandelmassa..
The fitting room at Acne are good...
Hanna was trying on shoes.
Doing laundry.
In good company.
There are no words that can describe what Michael Fassbender does for me. I can literally drool sometimes when i think of him. One time i saw a guy on the tube that almost looked like him, i drooled.
In the kitchen where i spend most of my time when i'm at home.


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