söndag, juni 29, 2008


I need a bag of spoolies size large please! I have small ones but my hair is too long so they're too small. I found them on eBay but the seller refuses to ship to Sweden :(

lördag, juni 28, 2008

Fritto fritto.

It looks like it has never been used, brand new. Don't know wich year is was made, can't find anything on Google. Gonna use it tomorrow, gonna make some mozzarella with tomatoes and basil. Yummy! Another thing that's yummy are my lemon cupcakes that i did today.

fredag, juni 27, 2008

Weekend, at last!

I brought along my sunhat, from Wigéns that i bought from Sivletto, but it has rain ever since i got home. Buhu! And i have a cold, snor snor snor! The handmirror i found at Myrorna, it looks expensive but the green is some sort of plastic but the rest is heavy.

Yesterday i went to Kupan. Shitty is the word. There is only old ladies workin' there and they don't have a clue about anything so everything that's for sale is ugly clothes from the 80's and mostly 90's. You know, oldy lady clothes in creepy fabrics. I have bought a lot of clothes from there before but almost everything i have found were in the bags that was being sent to Russia (or some other country). Clothes from the 50's and 60's are nowhere to be seen because they sent it all away or throw away because there is a small rip. I hate them! But i was lucky this time because i found Rörstrands Fritto for 40 SEK. Pic will come up later.

måndag, juni 23, 2008

Photos from last week.

Change the fabric on the kitchenchairs. Bought a new lamp and change the fabric on that as well. We love Stig Lindberg and squirrels.

I did some cupcakes last week, forgot to take a photo when they where done. Had too much flour in so they got a bit heavy but still yummy.

tisdag, juni 17, 2008

Sundays finds.

On sunday we went to Sivletto. Love the place! My boyfriend found lots of nice shirts and i found 1 sunhat (Wigéns), 1 shirt (Route 66) and a pair of black pants (Stop Staring). We bought for so much that the fika was free. I forgot to take a picture of the hat so i'll post that one later. Hard to get a decent pic of the pants but they have high waist, zip on the side and narrow legs. Oh so 50's and oh so perfect for the summer. The shirt has short little puff sleeves.

I forgot to tell about the perfume i bought on saturday, i've looked at it a week ago and then the price was about 450 SEK and now i bought it for 245 SEK. The pricetag must be wrong because on other Åhléns the price is 450 SEK. Hurra för mig!

Tomorrow i'm going to Skärholmen and pic up some contact-lenses, and buy myself a nice small notebook for work. I hope that they have Moleskine. They're the best!

lördag, juni 14, 2008


I graduated on thursday and i got a gift voucher for Åhléns from my friends back home. So today i used it to buy some makeup from M.A.C. Actully the voucher didn't cover it all so i payed some myself because M.A.C is expensive but oh so great! Bought a perfume too. We also visited the Hallwyl musuem. I want to live there so bad, i wish i had millions and millons so i could build a copy. Bought some books there, one about Wilhelmina, one about Walther and one about their childen.

onsdag, juni 11, 2008

Latest eBay.

Just bought this pair of shorts. From the 40's or 50's. I hope they'll fit. Got my sailordress on monday and it did fit and that's nice. Gonna make some small repairs on it and wash it and then it's ready to use.

torsdag, juni 05, 2008


Some stuff i bought recently. Cute whale-necklace from Forever 21, black ballerinashoes (have searched forever for a nice model and found this one at Skopunkten 249 SEK) and a pair of navyblue Keds. Yes i'm pale, i really cant take the heat so good so i stay away from the sun, but even if i would be in the sun i won't get a tan. Haven't had one for over 10 years, i got sunburned once and since then nothing. It's okay because i like being pale. It looks nicer, i find people with a tan a bit creepy because they always overdo it. I get some freckles during the summer and those i love.


This little beauty we bought some months ago at John Wall, i think it cost around 2000 SEK, it was on sale. Yippi for us! I want to bake something, some lemon cupcakes and mabye a lemon pie. But no no, i have to study. I hate bookkeeping! Haven't baked for weeks!

onsdag, juni 04, 2008


I love old cookingbooks and this is my collection so far. The red one is called "Husmoderns rådgivare", printed 1926. It's full of great tips about the home, kitchen, first aid, stains, garden, cleaning etc. The grey one is "Prinsessornas kokbok". I have been searching for it for a while and then i found it cheap at Myrorna.

tisdag, juni 03, 2008

Here comes the sun.

My sunglasses that i bought some months ago, i got them really cheap (20$ = 120 SEK) on eBay. They're from the 40's and the condition is great! I can only wear them when i have my contacs in and now i only have one pair left. Need to call the optician...

måndag, juni 02, 2008

Buy them please.

I just came back from the postoffice, picked up my white shoes and they're too bloody small! Too narrow. So if anyone wants to buy them let me know, size 7-8, 38-38.5. 25 cm on the inside. Narrow feet. Mabye i'll put them up on Tradera later. I want 500 SEK, or give me an offer. I prefer more because i'm broke and i haven't got a job.

Hey sailor!

I finally found it, the sailordress of my dreams. Well almost. It's from the 40's and i'm in love! It will go nicely with my sailorcap. Won it on eBay yesterday so i wont get it until a couple of weeks. I hope it fits, it has been a little too much cookies and fika the last weeks :D


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