torsdag, november 08, 2012

Instagram-june 2012, part 2.

 Got a present from Miriam.
 Packing for my summer vacation.
 A clue on my first vacation-stop.

 My wardrobe is always bursting.

 I love you Wes.
View from the kitchen. 


 Miriam one morning.
 Näckrosen at it most beautiful.
Tired me. And i know i'm really bad at blogging. You'll only get to see instagram-photos for awhile now. When it's time for august & september you'll know what i've been up to!

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Mistress T sa...

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog and that's why I've awarded you with the Liebster blog award. If you want to claim your award, go to my blog and see how you can award 5 of your favorite bloggers.

TheBlackPinafore sa...

you have received an award


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